Provisioning Servers

This involves Reserving a Server for your applications. The same server would be used to host all your business applications. Cost wise, this would be a recurring cost each year to maintain this Server. For more details contact us at

Basic Requirement

Every application on the Cloud requires a hosting server or Host. This host is a collection of resources like memory, hard disk space and computing power.

This provisioning activity ensures, that based on your requirement, we can dedicate a suitable instance to host your applications.

Please note that all EntrustedMe applications require a provisioned server to be hosted. So this is a Mandatory Purchase that every client should keep in mind.

Costing and Duration

The basic cost of setup and maintenance would be under EntrustedMe responsibility.

Regarding the server itself, the network connection, setup, backup and restoration is also EntrustedMe’s responsibility, with no additional cost, until the Yearly Maintenance Fee is paid in advance.

Please note that after 2 months on non-payment of dues, the Service would be decommissioned automatically, losing all data and setup customizations with it.

What this Covers?

The Provisioning service not just covers the setup of the service – but covers all the following items:

  • Branding Changes like colors, images, logos and text
  • Domain and Subdomain Redirection
  • SMS/Email Body Customization and Formatting
  • Integration requirements to send Mails through your SMTP Services
  • Integration requirements to send SMS through preferred SMS Gateway

For more details contact us at

Introduction to EntrustedMe Provisioning

This short video explains the overall design of Provisioning.
The description video covers

  • Introduction to Provisioning
  • How to Provision a new Server with us?
  • Type of Provisioning
  • Pricing

How to Purchase a Provisioning License?

This short video explains the walkthrough of how to apply for a provision licensing using your topped up EntrustedMe Wallet.
The description video covers

  • Login to Licensing Site
  • Apply a license for Provisioning
  • Approve the license
  • And Sit back and relax, till we complete your Site Readiness…

What will happen after Provisioning Request?

With Provisioning License in place, we need to check how this license is applied and a new provisioning request is raised.

This short video explains the walkthrough of how to provide details about your company including its name, address and any customization documents like style guide etc.
The description video covers

  • Login to Licensing Site
  • Apply for Provisioning Request
  • Apply the Provisioning license to the request
  • Communication in case if required between the client and team while setting up service.


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