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An Introduction

A video showcasing our company’s area of expertise and our brief history.

Drawing on a decade of expertise in CMA/Regulatory/Financial products, our strategy and dedication emphasize data security, access privileges, and customer privacy. Our products and services are not only exceptionally secure but also fully compliant. We believe that the distinctive experiences of our team and our exclusive business process focus will undeniably contribute as an asset to your business.

A Specialized Solution, Always Helps.

Despite the repetitive nature of work, it consistently presents various challenges. Opting for a specialized solution tailored to your business needs can significantly save time and effort, allowing you to find peace in your decision-making.

Tailored to your specific needs, a specialized solution necessitates processes aligned with your local regulatory requirements. It encompasses UI/UX and visual design elements that breathe life into your corporate brand. Effective communication and notifications resonate strongly with both customers and stakeholders. Robust auditing mechanisms ensure stringent checks and balances. Additionally, our products offer essential MIS reporting customized to meet your specific requirements. If these criteria align with your needs, our products are the ideal fit for you.

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Blockchain Solutions

As technology advances, trust becomes a significant cost consideration. Many times, we find ourselves questioning transactions, concerned about potential rogue or manipulated activities. With an increasing number of people connected, the threat landscape and trust deficit grow each day.

How can we tackle this issue? We offer a versatile, general-purpose blockchain technology designed to enhance trust. This technology empowers customers to safeguard their privacy and distinguish between trustworthy transactions and non-compliant ones.

Blockchain Tech Based On

  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum Public Chain
  • Multi-Chain

Our Products and Solutions

Truly Bespoke Applications

Fully customizable and compatible with most corporate governance laws, we have got you covered.

Corporate Actions Applications

Our Main Focus is the Corporate Actions with respect to Public and/or Privately Traded Companies.

Custody and Treasury Systems

[Upcoming] We have a very high graded Custody System, That is customizable and reusable, covering most of the custody requirements.


Phone 0091 9381349210
Email info@entrustedme.com


Office 100, The Residency, Pillar # 194,Attapur,
Hyderabad, Telangana, India